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The individuals working at NorthRift Solutions Ltd have broad expertise in implementing GIS server on both ESRI and OpenGeo™ platforms. Our team takes a holistic view of GIS server implementation, one that considers the fit, interface and integration requirements within the enterprise infrastructure and other relevant applications. It is a view that looks backward and forwards to both consider legacy issues and requirements as well as the best means to “future proof” the implementation such that ownership costs are minimized and product roadmaps (to the extent known) are considered.

Our approach may include the following aspects:

  • Critical Delivery Competencies
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Configuration Management
  • Decision Analysis and Technology Selection
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure design, procurement, configuration and commissioning.
  • Database technology selection, installation and tuning.
  • Security Integration
  • Database Implementation
  • Database modeling, design and schema implementation.
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Design and Implementation
  • SDE implementation strategy and construction