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Our staff has background in analytical applications of GIS in a variety of industry sectors. We can produce innovative one-off analyses and instantiate frequently performed analytical tasks into re-usable tools delivered as extensions to COTS desktop software or via the web.

The team is familiar with both raster and vector data types, and choosing between the two to enable specific types of analyses. Beyond common geospatial operators (such as overlay, intersect, etc.) the team is expert at data and topological modeling to optimize analytical operations. The team also brings unique experience around network analysis (both in terms of transportation and water systems modeling), analytical process automation using spatial extract, transform and load (ETL) tools such as FME™, and extending analytical capabilities by utilizing external (third party) web services for common tasks such as geostatistics and geocoding.
NorthRift Solutions Ltd is very interested in creating analytical processes and tools that are efficient, repeatable and high value. To that end, we approach frequently repeated analytical tasks programmatically and develop re-usable tools using model builder, database stored procedures, and other programming environments such as the aforementioned FME™.
In addition to core ESRI competency the team has experience with Open Source desktop tools including gvSIG, QGIS, and uDIG. We have found that these tools can be enormously valuable for quick, one-off analyses or when ESRI products are unavailable.