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It is our business to provide quality and wholistic training for our business clients in the fields
of GIS and Software Development.
Join our training programs to learn the best practices to:
1. Explore and extract Geo-Information
2. Utilise GIS tools to manage and draw insight to work data
3. Develop GI-Systems that address location-based needs
4. Maintain Geographic data and GIS infrastructure
5. Share GIS resources so they are accessible at an enterprise levelGIS Training
With location based information being used in majority of the day-to-day activities around the world, it  is
inadvertent crucial to learn how to utilise it to attain the best results. NorthRift Solutions offers
expert knowledge and skills based training that is relevant in providing today’s location based
We focus on the following areas in our GIS training:-
1. Introduction to GIS Basics
2. Performing Spatial Analysis
3. GIS Essential Workflows
4. Advanced GIS for Professionals, Administrators, Developers

Developer Training
NorthRift Solutions offers developer training for improved services delivery. In line with current
technological advancements and the dynamic and fastpaced IT based services field, we provide
both technical and training solutions to meet the needs of our business clients. Trianing covers the following
key areas:
1. Database Management
2. Creating Web Applications
3. Python Scripting for Geoprocessing Workflows
4. Web Client Development Training