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Carbon accounting and reporting

Our service

We specialize in the developing of comprehensive Green House Gas (GHG) Inventories. A GHG Inventory is a comprehensive account of the amount of greenhouse gases produced by an organization. It’s an essential tool for understanding your environmental impact and forms the basis for any effective GHG management strategy.

Our GHG Inventory service include:

  • Data collection: We gather data from all relevant sources within your organization to ensure a complete and accurate inventory.
  • Emissions Calculation: Using recognized methodologies, we calculate your total GHG emissions across all scopes and sources.
  • Reporting: We compile your data into a clear, easy-to-understand report that meets all relevant reporting standards.
  • Analysis: We analyze your emissions data to identify trends, highlight key areas of concern, and suggest potential opportunities for reduction.
  • Support: Our team provides ongoing support to help you understand your inventory and use it to inform your GHG management strategies.

Understanding your organization’s GHG emissions is more than just an environmental responsibility—it’s a strategic advantage. By undertaking a GHG inventory with us, you’re not just measuring your environmental impact—you’re taking the first step towards reducing it.

The Value We Bring

Our GHG inventory service empowers your organization to:

  • Identify and Manage GHG Reduction Opportunities: We help you pinpoint areas for GHG reduction, turning environmental responsibility into cost-saving opportunities.
  • Engage in Voluntary GHG Initiatives and Public Reporting: Stand out as an environmental leader by participating in voluntary GHG initiatives and transparently reporting your efforts.
  • Comply with Mandatory Reporting Programs: Navigate the complexities of mandatory GHG reporting requirements with our expert guidance.
  • Participate in GHG Markets: We provide the data and insights you need to participate effectively in GHG markets.
  • Earn Recognition for Early Voluntary Actions: Get the recognition you deserve for your proactive efforts in GHG reduction.

With our services, you can turn GHG accounting and reporting from a challenge into an opportunity. Contact us today for more.